best football helmet brand

Best Football Helmet Brand

Before the imagination of the football helmet, players would often grow their hair long to protect their heads. The man who invented the first helmet was George Barclay in 1896. It had three thick leather straps making a close fit around his head, made by a harness maker. 

The next innovation appeared in 1917. Straps of fabric formed a pattern inside the helmet. They absorbed and spread the impact better and allowed for ventilation. It was an invention. 

The primary purpose of wearing a helmet is to avoid, or lessen, the instance of brain injuries during the game. Between those helmets, there are over hundreds of football helmets, and numerous brands are available in the market. But, in the 21st era, after multiple decades of research, innovation, and reformation, now we have some of the best football helmet brands who make reliable, durable, and comfortable helmets.

Many players prefer their helmets because they prefer and like the look or their favorite player wears a similar model. But the main concern is every head has a different shape, so a helmet that is perfect for one person could be very annoying for someone else. 

Choosing the right helmet based on the various brand and their ratings (Virginia Tech Testing and NFL and NFLPA’s joint laboratory tests, etc. ) looks is not advised. So, today we will recommend

Best Football Helmet Brand

1. Riddell


The Most Reliable Football Helmet Brand in 2019

Riddell‘ is equivalents of the word ‘Reliable.’ The most secure football Helmets come from Riddell. And so its helmets have won the players’ emotions. Riddell is reasonably the most trustworthy and most favourite brand when it comes to the football helmet. That is what the football society knows. 

The world’s oldest and first football helmet maker brand is Riddell, and still fashionable and living in the heart of the people. Riddell started producing helmets in 1939. It makes them one of the longest-running organizations in being today.  

It stars a floating shock retention system in between the outer shell and the liner within the football helmet. As the helmet undergoes outside forces from a collision with another player, the linear and rotational forces are redirected and thus decreased.

Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet and Riddell 360 are one of the unbeatable football helmets in the present. These helmets are the best picks for the players who focus only on achieving victory and put their protection and security as their next preference.

Riddell aims to shield every football player with the helmets they design and drive them to perform to the best of their capabilities. Reddell offers the sporting equipment that every football player demands!

2. Schutt Sports

schutt sports

World’s Renowned Football Helmet Brand

Schutt Sports builds sports stuff for players. Those first two words are one of the most respectful and leading brands in the sports battle-fields in the present age. For almost a century, they have made their gear. From the production line to the selling reps on the road to senior supervision, keeping the machine running, and all the focus is on players’ betterment. Schutt Sports is the world’s advanced creator of football-helmets and faceguards. Three out of four professional football players use the field wearing Schutt equipment or gears. Schutt’s Vengeance, DNA, and AiR XP Pro of helmets are the globe’s only football helmets to highlight TPU Cushioning – the very material used by the US-military helmets for their fighter pilots as well as paratroopers. 

Schutt helmets are one of the most reliable in the sports-world, both in form and even in function. The design of each helmet is for the highest performance based on norms prescribed by the most skilled players. Because players understand what they desire,  and they know they’ll succeed when they perceive it. Schutt helmets are durable, superior, comes with advanced features, and comfortable like a lifeline in the football fight. The Schutt helmet is a synonym of Performance and Protection. 

3. Xenith 


Settles For Nothing Less

The football helmets are formulated for dedicated players, uniting high-level fit, sense, and fashion with innovative promise, and the latest technology characteristics are called the brand name ‘Xenith.’ 

Xenith was established in 2006 by a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD Vin Ferrara. The Head Quarter is in Detroit. After some head-injuries throughout his football career, he thought that there had to be a more reliable way to invent a football helmet. After years of research and advancement, Xenith launched its first helmet in the year 2009 and is now used by thousands of athletes across the world – from the youth level to the professional players. Xenith football helmets are designed for real performers and their demands as a player to let victory on and off the sporting arena. It is the mantra (chant)of Xenith. 

Xenith helmet delivers top safety-ratings, performance, and durability. Moreover, Xenith helmets got 5-stars ratings from Virginia Tech Testing as well as one of the top-performing group in NFL Lab testing. However, they also produce 4-Star, 3-Star, and 2-Star helmets too, as per specification and need of players. XENITH SHADOW, XENITH VARSITY, and EPIC+ YOUTH series helmets are Xenith versatile, and driving football helmets. 

4. Adams


A  Proud Football Heritage For More Than 50 Years

‘Adams,’ that means offering a great selection of sports apparel and equipment for everyone willing to take and perform exceptionally. The brand Adams that started it all for more than 50 years, Adams has been producing sporting products with an attentiveness approaching quality and worth. Furthermore, always progressing as well as growing against its comprehensive catalog of sporting supplies and equipment.

Adams honors from a proud football culture. Adams has been an essential part of the Schutt Sports group of brands since 2014. Adams’s football helmets are one of the excellent selections to wear and go hard in the football field.

The innovative design of each product and technological improvement of the Adams football helmet gives today’s athletes a lighter-weight helmet with comfort characteristics and personalized fit. The anthropometric outer shell completely conforms to the different head shapes, while the venting feature allows heat to dissipate quickly. A unique stiff skeletal sub-structure assists in attenuating impacts, while the inertial cushioning pad provides a comfortable fit. The anatomically correct polycarbonate shell offers reduced weight for comfy access.

Adams A2000 Adult Pro-Elite and Adams USA Youth Y4 Elite are far trendy models. Moreover, Football helmet accessories are likewise in demand made by Adams. 

5. Vicis


The Game-Changing Protection

‘Vicis’ – means, the high-tech professional football helmet maker in the US. There is an extraordinary versatility in Vicis football helmet technology. The helmet emphasizes a soft outside shell and an underlying layer of columns meant to decrease impacts from all the directions. Vicis helmets are a little costly in comparison with others but worthy enough too. 

The Vicis ZERO1 Helmet, the brand’s signature helmet, gives up right at the start of an ad titled “Building a Better Game,” below, in which the NFL promotes its promise to encourage engineers and innovators grow up with a more high-level helmet. And that is, the ZERO1’s added layers work unitedly to reduce impact forces, which have matured a mark on the league and the sport as a mass. ZERO1 helmet, which surpassed the list in the NFL and NFLPA’s joint laboratory tests the latest three years. The Vicis helmets offer comfort fit, maximum protection, and durability.  

Head injuries in football is an important public health issue affecting athletes of all ages. The main aim is to defeat such injuries. The determination for making quality helmets to protect young athletes and Vicis has formed a 21st-century helmet that offers breakthroughs in protection, performance, and style.


Forever keep in mind that safety, protection, and comfort are your number one priority when it comes to this game. Always choose the best brand and most suitable helmet for your needs.

Picking one over the other brand should be defined based on the advantageous importance, benefits, and of course, it must be meant for your need and your protection. Never negotiate quality for a cost or a price as that could have unfavourable effects if the wrong helmet you bought is sub-standard to your specifications. Lower quality or cheap products can harm you during the practices in the match, which could lead to accidental hurt or injury to the player wearing it.

Out of all these helmet brands, we have discussed their framework highlights, and as per our research and current knowledge football world, this would be the most top football helmets makers, no question. It is the 5 Best Football Helmet Brands because the quality speaks for itself. Wear the best potential football helmet at all times, during an actual game or in training, should be obeyed.