5 Best Football Helmet Chin Strap – Pick Best One

A world without fun and games is hard to imagine. If you can imagine such a world, it is no fun to think about it any longer. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Heaven must be a Playground,” Just like a huge football ground.

Football helmets are the most essential and necessary equipment to save your head in one piece on the ground, but there is much more to picking one than satisfies the eye. Finding a Good football helmet that fits you correctly could be the contrast between a head injury or no harm at all. However, one of the main parts you will need to look at is a helmet chin strap.

A football Helmet Chin Strap is, without doubt, the essential piece of protecting equipment of each player, professional or an amateur who is. Wearing the right chin strap allows you to get the best performance and give the most high-grade protecting grip to your helmet and so your helmet will fit with your head accurately and comfortably. Hence before planning or buying a football helmet, don’t forget to add a Chin Strap in your cart first. But before you go to check-out your cart; please refer our guide for purchasing Best Football Helmet Chin Strap.

Hence, to choose the best chin strap, it is compulsory to identify your specific helmet size (S/ M for youth helmet and L / XL for adult helmet). While ordering online, find out which chin strap fit which size of helmets. And this is truly important.

So, Here Our List On Best Football Helmet Chin Strap





Under Armour Boys’ Gameday Armour Chin Strap

Under Armour Boys’ Gameday Armour Chin Strap

SportStar X-1 Evolution football Chin Strap

SportStar X-1 Evolution football Chin Strap

Football helmet Chin Strap By Battle

Football helmet Chin Strap By Battle

1. Under Armour Boys’ Gameday Armour Chin StrapUnder Armour Boys' Gameday Armour Chin Strap


Under Armour offers trust to the athletes and sports players. Stay shielded out on the field with ‘The Under Armour Boys’ Gameday Armour Chin Strap’. It is a great addition to your sports equipment. It’s more protective than the basic chin strap and looks excellent with any football helmet available in very colours. And easy to clean whenever you need, which is made of ultra-light The EVA material for durability with comfort. Ventilated chin cup offers breathability. Adding in your cart today is enough to your purchase!

Performance Features

  • The durable Armor Flex shell offers maximum protection and breathability;
  • Fits well, comfy, and snaps easily onto any helmet;
  • The EVA (70% Thermoplastic TPU, 30% Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) padding offers comfort; and is easy to clean;
  • 0.7″ high and 14″ wide;
  • Weight: 45.4 gm;
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 6 inches

Unique Features

  • The strap adapter enables you to mount the helmet high or low;
  • The EVA padding offers comfort and is easy to clean;
  • Various colour option is available.

2. SportStar X-1 Evolution football Chin StrapSportStar X-1 Evolution football Chin Strap


SportStar X-1 Evolution is the universal guarding and versatile chin strap selling on the market. The second thing is there is no other football chin strap in the world tests better for shock protection. The patented X-1 splitters enable you to modify to any high or low hook. And with GX-4 Gel or Foam Combo is medical-grade and serves to prevent skin irritations or rashes caused by most other regular chin straps. It is the most reliable chinstrap in football and protects your chin in the best way, like no other helmets. Winning traits of SportsStar are always security to the players. Without confusion order it now!

Performance Features

  • It adjusts to high, medium or low hooks accordingly;
  • It holds more resistant;
  • The medical-grade foam aids lessen skin irritations and rashes;
  • The GX-4 gel gives a customized hydraulic fit and comfort.
  • Available Size: L / XL;
  • Weight: 163 gm;
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 16.9 x 6.8 cm.

Unique Features

  • It fits with all football helmets (not compatible with Xenith helmets);
  • It can only be used with a Riddell SpeedFlex with the use of a SportStar Flex adapter.

3. Football helmet Chin Strap By BattleBattle Chin Strap


The Battle Chin Strap extends best protection and breathability, and its EVA padded lining is comfortable and supports to absorb all chin bump helmets. Its Ultra-reinforced straps give a “locked” fit and durability. The straps are adjustable for an absolute fit. Both young people and adults can use it with great features. Our absolute recommendation is there with this chin strap.

Performance Features

  • Comes with a durable battle shell that offers the highest protection with breathability;
  • An adjustable strap gives enough comfort to you;
  • The Eva pad lining is too soft and helps absorb the helmet to the chin bumps;
  • Ultra reinforced straps provide a “locked” fit and persistence;
  • Weight: 45.4 gm;
  • Width: 6 inches;

Unique Features

  • A durable battle shell;
  • Available in popular colours and chrome plated;
  • Adjustable size.

4. Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap

Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap


Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap is exponentially more comfortable indeed than any other regular chin strap with attractive peculiarities. With its unique, ventilated layout, this football chin strap highlights a shock-absorbing, dual-density, a removable liner that’s washable and the 4-point strap system offers a secure and comfy fit. One of the best chin strap in present time to add in your cart!

Performance Features

  • Non-slip press studs grip the chin in place.
  • Detachable and washable X-static lining.
  • Completely adjustable.
  • Colour choice available.
  • Size: S/M for youth and L/XL for adults.

Unique Features

  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Sizes for boys (6 to 8 years), S/M (8 to 11 years), L/XL (from 11 years up).

5. Schutt Sports Fit Tech Chin Strap  Schutt Sports Fit Tech Chin Strap


The Fit-Tech chin strap by Schutt Sports has a superior design and a high-quality product by one of the leading brand Schutt Sports that follows the shape of your chin for a more comfortable and personalized fit. The durable metal buckles do not come off due to oxidation or other damage. Completely skin-friendly and comfortable during the match. Made from great material with high aspects. If you are thinking to buy the best chin strap than don’t think much and go for it.

Performance Features

  • The advanced design follows the contour of your chin, gives an incredible Fit;
  • Hardened metal buckles will not rust or come off;
  • Convenient and easy to customise for comfort;
  • Weight: 45.4 gm;
  • Dimensions: 15 x 9.9 x 2.5 cm.

Unique Features

  • Its non-abrasive padding doesn’t let skin irritation;
  • Connects simply to other helmets also (Baseball, Softball, etc.);
Do you know?
Football is the American sport par excellence and has been practised in schools since the second half of the 1800s. As it is easy to imagine, it derives from rugby, born a few years earlier in Great Britain, It was very similar to Rugby in initial time, but now it has different variations in the regulation and equipment of the players, equipped with a helmet and multiple protections to limit head injuries due to contact between athletes and the ground.

Essential things to consider when buying Football Helmet Chin Strap

Once upon a time, football chin straps were simple belts to grip helmet tightly. And there were no more additional features and even shape and colour (almost always black or white only). But, today there are many brands are in the market, and their every chin strap have different characteristics, aspects, themes, decorations and colours of all kinds. Here is a buying guide to ease you and limit your confusion along with 5 Best Football Helmet Chin Straps.for getting the most right and correct chin strap with the perfect compatibility, so your helmet always fit snugly after each match. Focus these highlights and recommendations.


Ordering a Football Chin Strap is easy to buy. However, let’s not forget that the football Chin Strap is combined with the Helmet model which you are using or going to use, because, not every chin strap fits on all helmets. If the chin strap does not match across that helmet, the helmet also cannot adjust to your head, and it will stay unfix to your head shape, and it becomes obstructive. For example, as we mentioned earlier that, the SportStar X-1 Evolution Chin strap is not compatible with Xenith helmets. So. choose the Chinstrap as per your helmet model accordingly.  

Different aspects as per your Game-Play

We have to understand that many characteristics are there in football chin straps, that you need to consider — the low profile or ordinary football chin strap that fits into various size helmets. Most of those come in small sizes from XL and are suitable for players of all levels. Nevertheless, low profile chin straps are not evermore ideal for the players practising regular contacts.

If you are a hardcore player who beats a lot like running backs or blurbs, imagine something that high-profile chin straps offer a little more intensity in terms of padding. And, it will guard you against being injured and harm at the field for a few plays in a few matches.  So, think about your nature of play and pick the chin strap respectively as per your need and Gaming-style.

Helmet Size

Before selecting the chin strap, know your helmet size. As it can be a significant trouble. Believe it or not, so many players are not aware of what size helmet they wear. This can be a significant problem, particularly the children who don’t mind and consider these things.