Best Football Helmet for Youth – Best For Kids

Football could end up being a pretty brutal game to play. There will be a lot of push and shove and there is a good chance of getting injured. However, if your kid one of them who likes to tackle challenges head-on like a footballer would do, then you should buy a football helmet for them. prevention is better than cure. Well that being said, your kid must need the best safety in the football field, especially to the head. So here in this article, we are making a list of 5 best football helmet for youth with are lightweight, tough as well as good looking with various color choices.

Best Football Helmet for Youth





Best Budget  - Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

Best Overall - Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Best In Light Weight - Xenith Youth X2E+

Xenith Youth X2E+

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet


Let’s start off the list with one of the most reliable helmets brand out there. One of the best features of the product is that it is available in a wide variety of colors. The Schutt Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet has a lower profile shell to cut down the weight and make it one of the best youth helmets on the market. The helmet includes the lower profile Vengeance shell, used in the Z10 and Vengeance Pro models, which makes it more manageable for younger players.

A combination of black and green TPU in both single and double layers offers protection against low-impact blows and high-impact hits. The Vengeance A3 has non-inflatable comfort liners inside the helmet to deliver the soft, pillow-like feel that Schutt is known for. With solid grip to the head and well comfort to wear, there probably isn’t another helmet that comes in with such a number of color options.

  • The Schutt Sports helmet has a special lower-profile shell design which reduces it’s weight to a great extent.
  • It has non-inflatable type comfort liners that ensure that there is no distress.
  • To provide a soft pillow-like feel to the wearer, the liner is provided with a TPU outer skin.
  • The helmet uses a simple 4 point chinstrap.
  • Though the item does not come with a facemask, it does have faceguard loops. 

The helmet is well-liked by buyers. But the only con is the one mentioned above. The thing does not come with a face mask.

2. Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

SpeedFlex Youth Helmet


The goal was to design a helmet with fully integrated components and innovations for peak athlete performance and state-of-the-art protection. The Brand looked at the players’ wants and needs – at all levels of competition. The result: The Riddell SpeedFlex. Backed by extensive research, including our 2+ million data points of on-field impacts. The accident test for any Football Helmet is how well it keeps your brain protected. In that aspect, this product is one of the best around.

  • Priority is given to your head’s safety. The helmet consists of several layers of protection. There is a face mask and an attachment system that significantly reduces the impact force in case of collisions.
  • The design is such that it fits in well with all kinds of head shapes. This is where the Flex liner shines.
  • Patented side impact mandible protection prevents damage from side impacts.
  • Quick release-The face mask attachment can be disengaged via the click of a single button.
  • With the help of the Ratchet-Loc retention system, the chin strap is bound to fit in well.

If you got the money, then do go for it.

3. Xenith Youth X2E+

Xenith Youth X2E+ Black Football Helmet


This bad boy might be a little old school in appearance. But it does pack quite a punch. It certainly is something you’ll want if you have dreams of going pro.

  • It is approved by NOCSAE. That means it is good to go.
  • The ABS plastic shell is both firm and lightweight offering you both protection and comfort.
  • There is a neat little suspension system in place, thus the helmet and shell move independently of each other.
  • The shock absorber technology X2E+ provides a good cushion against the impact forces.
  • Moreover, you can tighten the chin straps and adjust the fit band as well.

For a price of under 200 dollars, you can’t do much wrong here.

4. Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet with Carbon Steel ROPO-SW-YF Facemask

An affordable helmet that definitely deserves a spot in any list. The helmet recaptures the traditional look while at the same time bringing in the features of modern sports technology. 

  • The most eye-catching feature is the carbon steel facemask. Carbon steel is tough but very light as well. Thus it ensures safety while not increasing the weight by much.
  • Apart from theses these features, the mask is pretty easy to see through too.
  • The helmet has a very strong shell made from ABS plastic that will keep you safe. 
  • It has good padding consisting of EPP and EVA foam liners, and Air Maxx TPU jaw pads too that help to absorb shock.
  • Meets the standards put up by NOCSAE. And for those of you who don’t know, it stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment and they do have some high demands.

For all the features it offers at this price, this helmet is certainly one that could do you lots of good. Actually, it is a steal and one of the best offers on this list.

5. Shutt Recruit Hybrid YTH

Schutt Recruit Hybrid YTH Football Helmet W MASK 16H

Yet another affordable helmet. A very safe helmet that can be used for pro-level sporting. This is one of the best helmets that Schutt has ever designed.

  • The helmet comes with a face mask made of carbon steel titanium. It is of the same weight as carbon steel but a lot stronger. 
  • It has the best combination for shock absorption on the list. The crown and front area are safeguarded by TPU cushioning while the back and sides have trusty old D30. 
  • Non- inflatable comfort liners are installed that ensure greater comfort during the game.
  • It also has inter-Link jaw pads that help protect that area. 
  • The helmet is also very light, about 3 pounds, which makes it easy to move around while wearing it.

The only con of the helmet may be that it is plain looking and only comes in black and white shades. But you should not judge a book by its cover and this helmet proves that to be the case.

A guide to buying a football helmet for youth

Best Helmets for Your Youth Football Team

So, why is there a guide right after the list of the best football helmet out there? Well, the one helmet that you are looking for may not be present on this list. And since you want to keep looking for the one, you need to know what to look for. There are always things you should consider. Hence this little guide will prove to be very useful to you.

Factors to consider:

  1. The shell – It is the outermost covering of the helmet and here are the things that it should do:
  • It should protect the helmet form damage and so be durable.
  • A hard material such as ABS plastic or another alloy should be made for its construction.
  • There should be support for ventilation and airflow.
  1. The padding – Padding is actually the most crucial part of the helmet. It absorbs the shock and keeps you safe from all kinds of potential injuries. Features that padding should have:
  • It should be able to handle shock absorption on a decently large scale.
  • While protecting you, it must also be comfortable to wear.
  • You should go for either pre-sized or inflatable padding. 
  • Last but not least, it should be an adjustable it.

If you wanna look for good padding, always for something made up of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). This stuff can handle a lot of damage and is very comfortable as well. Hence, it is your best bet.

  1. The face mask – Face masks serve a lot of functions and you can either buy a helmet that comes with a face mask or buy one separately. Things to keep in mind:
  • It should be strong and be able to protect your face.
  • The material should be light and not add too much weight to the helmet.
  • You should consider your position while buying a face mask. Your field of vision needs, oral protection needs, jaw protection need and other factors should be taken into account. 
  • It is smart to buy a face mask with a quick-release mechanism. This way, someone can help you quickly should something bad happen to you.
  1. Accessories – If your helmet comes with some good accessories then Hurray! But if that’s not the case and it probably is not, then you should buy them separately.
  • Eyeshields and visors: These five extra protection to your eyes without blocking your field of vision. Perfect for positions were watching the rest of the field matters.
  • Chin straps: They ensure that your helmet stays on securely.
  • Mouthguards: It is important to protect your mouth and teeth from injuries and these do just that.
  1. The cost – Each feature comes at a price and you gotta be careful while having a fixed budget. So, don’t go off buying a helmet with features that are of no use to you. And if you really have a tight budget, don’t go for one that cost due to their looks or aesthetic designs.


Going to the game without a good helmet is really suicide. Therefore, it is important that you have the best helmet for youth by your side or on your head to protect you from all the dangers of the field. And this article is meant to help you in that respect. I hope it helped.